Germany: We want an «input» to reach resolution in Gulf conflict — Merkel alongside Qatar's al-Thani

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani held a joint press conference in Berlin, Friday, in the Emir's first foreign trip since the beginning of the diplomatic crisis in the region. Merkel said that reaching a resolution as quickly and peacefully as possible was vital, although conceded there was none on the table at present. «We're watching on worriedly... Еще that 100 days after this conflict began, there's still no visible solution, and we spoke about the possibility of getting the key players in a round table discussion», Merkel said. «Germany is not an involved party in this conflict, but Germany would like to have an input on the situation in order to reach a resolution». The crisis began in June after several major Arab nations, led by Saudi Arabia, and including the UAE and Egypt, severed their diplomatic relations and imposed a blockade on Qatar following accusations that the state was allegedly funding terrorism and violating multilateral agreements.


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