Germany: We view Russian weapons in Syria 'with particularly big concern' — Seibert

Spokesperson of German Chancellor Angela Merkel Steffen Seibert expressed his concern regarding the Thursday's State of the Nation speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the weekly federal press conference in Berlin, Friday. Seibert said that the new weapons systems, Putin mentioned on Thursday «are to be seen against the background of the long ongoing, extensive modernisation... Еще of the Russian military, including nuclear weapons, and against the background of doubts regarding Russia's adherence to international treaties and conventions.» He also commented on the deployment of Russian weapons in Syria, saying that considering «the horrible situation in Syria,» there was «no reason to be proud of particular developments in weapons or the use of specific Russian weapons on site.» He underlined that NATO anti-missile defences «are in no way directed against Russia — that's been repeatedly communicated in no uncertain terms, and they can also find that in NATO's public report.» «There was the accusation that Russia isn't being listened to, but this accusation is not true. We are continuing our dialogue with Russia, even where that's difficult, even on difficult topics such as Ukraine and Syria,» added Siebert.

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