Germany: 'We should've learnt from history' — Protest outside Reichtag as AfD makes debut

A group of anti-racism activists held a demonstration outside the German Reichstag, in Berlin, on Tuesday, as the Bundestag convened for its next session following the September elections. They were protesting against the anti-immigration Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD), who are now entering the Bundestag for the first time. Attending the protest were representatives from the far-left Die... Еще Linke party and various anti-racism organisations. One Die Linke member, Dietmar Bartsch, said that his party would continue to oppose the AfD, «It is totally clear that our positioning in the German Bundestag is to never cooperate with the AfD,» before going on to say, «But the fight has to continue both in and out of the Bundestag.» Reflecting on the September elections, one protester recalled that he felt Germany was going in the wrong direction, with the AfD's election successes. He said, «We should have learnt from our history not to go down this road of Nationalist ideology again.»

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