Germany: 'We're here to stay' — AfD leader Gauland to rally

Leader of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party Alexander Gauland addressed thousands of supporters at the party's far-right rally in central Berlin, Sunday. «This protest that came under the black-red-golden flag will stay and it will get so strong until we will finally take responsibility of this whole country and then it will be over with the open borders, and then it will be over with the... Еще days of the open doors,» stated Gauland. «We are here to stay and in order to change this society,» Gauland stated. He added that «it is good to counter a totally damaging policy, like [it happened] in Hungary, in Poland, in Slovakia and in Austria, and now we are also here and we want to counter this multicultural madness.» After the 2017 federal elections, the far-right AfD secured 94 seats in the German parliament, becoming the third largest grouping and largest opposition party to Angela Merkel's coalition government.

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