Germany: 'We must protect those who protect us' — Seehofer on violence against Stuttgart police

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer praised Stuttgart's police officers for their service in the aftermath of riots, stressing that «those who work in public life must protect those who protect them.» While visiting Baden-Wuerttemberg capital city on Monday, the Minister said: «What we experienced on the weekend, was without question an excess of violence.» The minister could be seen walking past broken windows and damaged police vehicles. «Besides these personal attacks and insults there is also, to a considerable extent, a denigration of the police through words and disparagement can injure just like physical violence,» Seehofer added, before requesting the courts to fully investigate the perpetrators and bring them to swift and severe judgement. «I hope that you will help us in this difficult time support our security agencies and forces in this time so they can proceed on the basis that we stand by what they do, as I always say, condensed into one sentence, we who are in public life must protect those who protect us,» he said. According to reports, violence broke out in Stuttgart close to midnight on Saturday when officers started conducting checks at the city's main square. After a 17-year-old German was arrested over an alleged drug offence hundreds of young people began throwing stones and bottles at officers. The crowd then resorted to looting stores and smashing vehicles until the situation was brought under control at around 03:00 AM (01:00 GMT).

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