Germany: 'We had to hug' — Frankfurt an der Oder and Slubice mayors meet as border reopens

The mayors of German Frankfurt an der Oder and Polish Slubice hugged and shook hands, as the two towns opened their borders for their respective neighbours, Friday. Rene Wilke and Slubice's Mariusz Olejniczak could not hold back their joy as they met in the middle of the bridge connecting Germany to Poland. «It's a wonderful day for us really. And you could feel it. We wanted to bump our elbows, but we couldn't help it. We had to hug» stated Wilke adding, «you must not separate us.» His Polish counterpart supported him, explaining, «I met with the mayor of Frankfurt an der Oder every Wednesday, but only via video conference. We talked and discussed issues of the two towns, but personally, face to face — the moment is here today. It's a big moment.» The two towns were closed for their respective neighbours for three months due to the coronavirus pandemic, with strict border controls in place.​

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