Germany: 'We fight for our convictions' — Schulz rallies in Karlsruhe as election campaign looms

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Martin Schulz addressed crowds at an election campaign rally in Karlsruhe, Saturday, ahead of the upcoming general elections on September 24. Schulz promised his supporters that he and his party were fighting not for personal gain but for their «convictions» and «principles» and for the citizens of Germany and future generations. The SDP leader also made... Еще light of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's statement «the times when we could completely rely on others are to a certain degree over», for which the German Chancellor received praise. «It seems a bit unfortunate, who are the others then? And by how far is the time over? Like this? Or a bit smaller?» Schulz joked. The German Federal Election is set to take place on September 24.

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