Germany: 'We are sliding more and more towards a dairy crisis' — dairy farmers protest in Munich

Dairy farmers gathered in Munich's Odeonsplatz to demand financial assistance and the reintroduction of milk production quotas, on Monday, amid a sharp decline in milk prices making them struggle to make ends meet. «We are sliding more and more towards a dairy crisis, said Manfred Gilch, BDM State Chairman of German Milk Producers Association. «The milk price in Germany is between 32 and 33 cents... Еще [per litre], forecasts assume that we will clearly march towards 30 cents and below and that is a signal, a clear signal, now we have to sound the alarm.» In order to be profitable, milk needs to be sold for at least 40 cents (US$0.43) a litre, farmers say. As of last year, milk production is no longer capped by quotas in the European Union, which may have caused the prices to plummet as dairy products flooded the markets. As of May, milk can be bought for less than mineral water in some supermarkets.

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