Germany: We are in a 'Cold War 2.0' — Gabriel cites members of the Deep Cuts Commission

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel cited members of the Russian-German-US Deep Cuts disarmament commission at a press conference in Berlin, Wednesday, in which they said «we are in the middle of a Cold War 2.0» and are «repeating the worst mistakes of the Cold War.» Gabriel stressed the importance role Germany needs to play in standing for disarmament, weapon control and a de-escalation of... Еще gloabl militarization. He stated «the German voice must always be a voice for nuclear disarmament and arms control.» The foreign minister pointed out that not only Americans but also Russians may consider breaking the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), a contract aimed at guaranteeing global peace. Regarding the North Korea escalation, Gabriel said the pressure China has put on North Korea has been effective and values American Foreign Minister, Rex Tillerson's statement in which he says they don't want to intervene or change the North Korean regime, but rather see the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.
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