Germany: Walking disco — Lunative unveils 'smart jacket' that glows in dark

: A Lunative 'smart jacket' was unveiled at the Techtextil trade fair in Frankfurt am Main, Tuesday. The 'smart jacket' is part of what Lunative Industries claim to be the world's first 'electric apparel.' Lunative Junior Product Manager eTextiles Tanja Kraemer noted that Lunative «integrates light into textile,» adding that «in this jacket we also integrate heating elements and different kinds... Еще of sensors.» According to Kraemer, there are «different kind of sensors in this jacket, so it reacts to my movement.» Besides being an eye-catching fashionable item, the jacket also incorporates safety aspects, allowing cyclists or pedestrians enlighten their jackets when they are out in the dark. Some 1,818 exhibitors from 59 countries are expected to participate in this year's trade fair.

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