Germany: Voters torn over AfD backing for Thuringia leader

Voters in Erfurt seemed torn regarding the election of a new Thuringian Minister President Thomas Kemmerich thanks to votes from the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), in a series of interviews on Thursday. A picture of former minister president Bodo Ramelow from Die Linke was placed outside the Erfurt State Chancellory, while a small gathering of protesters opposed the election results... Еще. «Bodo Ramelow had a clear majority, everybody knows this. So, this is a fraud,» said demonstrator Clauida Haase. In turn, another protester Fritz Wolfgang accused the Free Democrats (FDP) leader Christian Lindner of «drifting towards the AfD» and that Kemmerich, the party's leader in Thuringia, «should have said I don't accept the [results of the] election.» Werner Haubel instead praised the AfD for having «outwitted everyone.» «They took revenge for being excluded,» he added. Kemmerich announced on Thursday that he would resign and request a dissolution of the state parliament following the outcry over his election. He had won support from the AfD and the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) to defeat the incumbent Ramelow by one vote.

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