Germany: Volkmarsen parade ramming driver is 29 y/o local man — police

Chief Superintendent Henning Hinn has released a statement near the scene of the crime of where a car deliberately rammed into people at a carnival parade in the western German town of Volkmarsen on Monday. «A young man drove with his passenger vehicle into a group at the Volkmarsen carnival. In doing so, several dozen were seriously injured. And from the seriously injured, sadly also children... Еще,» said Henning, who was unable to give more information on motive. The perpetrator, «29-year-old from the surrounding area» of Volkmarsen, «assumedly» ploughed into a group of foot passengers who were walking about, «and not a festival wagon.» The perpetrator has reportedly been arrested at the wheel of the silver Mercedes estate car involved in the incident. The motive behind the ramming was not immediately clear although the police have released a statement in which they allege a 29-year-old German citizen acted «deliberately» in ramming his car into the crowd. He is also reportedly being treated at a local hospital for injuries sustained during the incident. NO ACCESS GERMANY

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