Germany: Victims' relatives react to former nurse life sentence

Relatives of victims and their lawyers commented on the ruling in the trial of a former nurse convicted of murdering 85 patients, speaking outside the court in Oldenburg on Thursday. Niels Hogel was sentenced to life in prison. Frank Brinkers whose 63-year-old father was one of the victims said the verdict ripped apart his old wounds. His lawyer Sabrina Lindwehr added: «It's an emotional... Еще rollercoaster for Mr. Brinkers, I guess he will need some time to think about it. To have some sleep and to talk to his family. And maybe we are going on, or he's going to accept that judgment.» Hogel frequently gave patients drugs to cause cardiac arrest so that he could win praise and attention for resuscitating them, however there were often complications which resulted in deaths. Another lawyer of victims' families, Gaby Luebben said: «We need to have a possibility to provide information anonymously and we have to include it into the educational system so people are motivated to work together to identify the mistakes instead of treating these issues as a taboo. Speaking openly about mistakes to avoid them in future should be an important part of the medical education.»

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