Germany: Victims of neo-Nazi group NSU hope for justice on eve of verdict

Victims of NSU [National Socialist Underground] along with their family members gave a press conference in Munich, one day before the verdict of the five defendants is expected to be announced, on Tuesday. Arif S., a victim of nail bomb attack in Kolbstrasse in Cologne on June 9th 2004 said that he «lost his hope» when he was asked by investigators to explain what happened to him: «I said 'The... Еще Neo-Nazis' and they said 'Psst'. At that point I didn't have any hope left.» «When the Federal Public Prosecutor claims that he turned every stone upside down during the search for further perpetrators, is that plain and simply wrong,» said Sebastian Scharmer, the attorney of Gamze Kubasik, daughter of killed by NSU Mehmet Kubasik. The NSU cell members killed 10 people between 2000 and 2007. Eight of the victims were of Turkish origin; the other victims were a Greek man and a German policewoman. The NSU aimed to terrorise minorities and coerce them into leaving the country. Outrage was caused by the fact that the NSU had been able to operate undetected for so many years. The police wrongly accused the Turkish mafia of the murders, leading some to claim authorities were complacent about the crimes of right-wing extremists. The head of Germany's domestic intelligence service was eventually forced to resign.

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