Germany: US army to hold largest military drill in Europe in 25 year

Nearly 20,000 service members will take part in the largest drill of the US army in Europe in 25 years. The 'Defender-Europe 20' exercises which begin in the end of February were announced at a news conference in Berlin on Tuesday. General Andrew M. Rohling, the deputy commander of the US Armed Forces in Europe, said that the purpose of this massive military drill is «to exercise the United... Еще States' military' ability to deploy a large force of personnel and equipment from the continent of the United States to the continent of Europe, and alongside our NATO allies and partners, quickly respond to any crisis.» Rohling went on explaining that US soldiers' equipment will mostly come «via multiple seaports in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands,» before adding that «Germany's support is critical to the success of this exercise.» Bundeswehr Armed Forces Inspector Lieutenant General Martin Schelleis said that the deployment will continue until the end of April. «Usually the deployment will occur at night, so that the traffic would be less affected by it during the day.» He also specified that the drill «is not oriented against Russia.»

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