Germany: US Army Europe General hails ‘readiness’ during 14 nation drill

Fourteen NATO allies participated in a joint military drill in Grafenwoehr on Wednesday as part of the 7th Army Training command taking place in Germany from February 23 to March 10. 'Dynamic Front 18' training exercise, led by US Army Europe, is destined to focus on the interoperability of US Army, by testing allied nation artillery and fire support in a multinational environment. According... Еще to General Timothy P. McGuire, Deputy Commanding General for US Army Europe, 14 allies partook at the exercise alongside the US Army with «over 20 observing right now». «Bringing that team together has really enabled us to take the readiness to the next level, but is but three times the size of last year,» General Timothy P. McGuire. Colonel Damian of the French Army said that “the real purpose” of this training is “to find new solutions, or modern solutions for the interoperating so that we can talk to each other and so that we can better operate together against an enemy.»

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