Germany: Two new coronavirus cases confirmed in Bavaria

Two new coronavirus cases were confirmed in the southern German town of Seigsdorf, Bavaria, on Friday, raising the total number of cases in Germany to seven. The two new patients were reported to be employees of the automobiles supplier Webasto. The two patients reportedly worked at the company's headquarters in Starnberg. Officials speaking from the Bavarian town of Trauenstein said the two... Еще patients and their three children were being tended to in a hospital in the town of Trostberg. «The patients are isolated and cared for by us because we want to interrupt the chain of infection very reliably,» said virologist Prof. Dr. Gluck. «The symptoms are mild, especially for the children. The children are very mildly ill, a day's fever, but this also corresponds to what we know about the coronavirus infection in children,» Dr. Gluck added. The newly discovered virus, which originated in the now-quarantined central Chinese city of Wuhan, has spread to 23 countries, including Germany, France, Finland Canada and the US, prompting the World Health Organisation (WHO) to declare it a global health emergency.
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