Germany: Turkish mosque set ablaze in alleged arson attack in Berlin

People gathered outside the burnt out DITIB [Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs] Koca Sinan Camii mosque in northern Berlin on Sunday morning, after a fire broke out at the venue earlier that day. Berlin's Interior Senator Andreas Geisel visited the scene. Standing outside the mosque he said, «I can only call on people to live with each other peacefully, here in Berlin.» Chair of... Еще Alliance for Innovation and Justice Haluk Yildiz maintained that this was an act of terror, rather than an arson attack. He said, «This is a terror attack on the largest Turkish community in Europe.» Yildiz went on to criticise German politicians for not visiting the site of the fire. He said, I'd also wished that the CDU leader, the SPD leader, all those so-called democrats are here, so that they can also so that they distance themselves from this. It's not enough that just the Interior Senator is here.» According to witnesses, in the early hours on Sunday morning, three young men wearing hoodies broke through the front entrance of the mosque and threw an object into the room. The fire broke out shortly afterwards.

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