Germany: Trial underway in Brunswick for German accused of planning bomb attack on police

The trial of a German citizen who is charged with planning to carry out a bomb attack on police or soldiers began in Brunswick, on Wednesday. Three suspected accomplices are also on trial. Sascha L, 26 years-old, is charged with building several improvised explosive devices, and having them in the city of Northeim in January this year. According to District Court Spokesperson Maike Block... Еще-Cavallaro, the accused identified with the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL). While the main defendant and his accomplices are believed to support the ideology of IS, Sascha L and one accomplice — Wladislav S — come from a background of right-wing extremism. «The three other accused are suspected of supporting the main defendant, both through financial and psychological support. Two of the defendants are suspected of belonging to the Islamic State — feeling like they belong to it. And the other defendant had a right-wing ideology but he is also devoted to the ideology of the Islamic State,» Block-Cavallaro explained.

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