Germany: Trial for murder of late President Weizsaecker’s son begins

The trial of Gregor S., the man accused of murdering prominent physician Dr Fritz von Weizsaecker, son of late German President Richard von Weizsaecker, as well as seriously injuring a police officer who intervened, began at Berlin's district court on Tuesday. It was exactly six months ago that von Weizsaecker, chief physician of the Schlosspark clinic, was stabbed to death during a public... Еще lecture in the clinic in Charlottenburg, causing nationwide horror and shock. The accused Gregor S. attacked from the audience and planted a knife into the professor's neck. Police officer Brahmi, who was at the lecture, tried to prevent the crime and was seriously injured by the attacker. Brahmi survived, however, von Weizsaecker died at the scene. The perpetrator was arrested at the scene of the crime. The charges are first-degree murder and attempted murder. The defendant confessed to the crime during the inquiry and said that he hates the von Weizsaecker family. He believes the father of the victim worked for a German pharmaceutical company in the 1960s, which supplied a chemical component to the USA, which then used that chemical to produce 'Agent Orange', a chemical weapon that was heavily dispersed by US military forces over Vietnam during the operation 'Ranch Hand' in the Vietnam war. «There are elements that speak for a planned crime. He bought a train ticket, he drove there, he bought the crime weapon, he registered [for the event],» said the plaintiff for the sister of the victim Stephan Maigné. Gregor S. has been in a psychiatric clinic since the stabbing took place. Whether or not he was in a mental state to be considered culpable at the time of the crime will be clarified during the trial. «After studying the documents what I can say so far is we assume that the defendant is a very ill man, who committed this crime in madness,» said the plaintiff for the children of the victim, Roland Weber. The first day of trial was over in less than 10 minutes, as only the bill of indictment was read. Six court hearings are scheduled and a verdict is expected for June 23rd of this year. Dr Weizsaecker was one of four children of Richard von Weizsaecker, a member of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), who served as Governing Mayor of West Berlin from 1981 to 1984 and then as President of Germany from 1984 to 1994 (West Germany 1984-1990; reunified Germany 1990-1994.)

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