Germany: Trees uprooted, car smashed and flooding as Storm Herwart hits Hamburg

Storm Herwart continued its gale-force rampage across northern Germany as high winds and torrential rain hit Hamburg on Sunday. Smashed cars, fallen trees and flooded roads were left in the wake of the storm, as much of eastern Germany, including the capital Berlin, remains on a level 3 weather alert as Herwart continues on its path from the north-western coast. The weather alert is forecast... Еще to last until November 1. «At least three trees were uprooted here, one of which hit a car,» explained a firefighter during a recovery operation. «A fourth tree won't be the last either. According to weather reports, the high force gales will still be here until midday tomorrow, we think we'll have enough to do until then. Hopefully in the evening it'll ease off.»

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