Germany: 'Today is about technicalities' — Schulz ahead of renewed talks

Journalist (German): «And what about the problems presented by the demands?» Martin Schulz, Social Democratic Party (SPD) leader (German): «The CSU will have their party conference and then we will see further.» The leader of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) Martin Schulz said that his faction was preparing for exploratory talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU as he arrived at the... Еще Bayerische Vertretung in Berlin on Wednesday. «Here we are preparing the explorations course before next week which should begin next Sunday. I expect that talks that will hold here today will unite us over the technical questions, to unify us in what format we should come together, what type of working groups should formed. Today is not about content but about technicalities,» Schulz told reporters. Merkel, Schulz and CSU leader Horst Seehofer will attend today's meeting, where they are expected to agree on a format for talks beginning this Sunday. Since the general election, the so-called Jamaica coalition talks collapsed and Merkel has so far been unable to persuade the Social Democrats to enter into another grand coalition. The growing political instability has raised the possibility of fresh elections and further gains made by the far-right Alternative for Germany.

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