Germany: 'To strengthen Europe is to strengthen Germany' — Merkel rallies in Lower Saxony

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated her pro-EU line during a campaign rally in Bad Fallingbostel, Lower Saxony, Wednesday, as the upcoming general elections loom ever closer. Merkel spoke of Europe's mutual reaction to recent humanitarian disasters as being «insufficient», citing Spain's 2006 influx of African refugees. «We weren’t in favour of a solidarity formula then and we were... Еще also not in favour of a common boarder protection mission because it was said that we should protect our boarders by ourselves. Since that time we have realised that doesn’t work,» Merkel said. The CDU frontrunner went on to point out that Europe's reactions to humanitarian crises were more effectively when countries dealt with them together as a whole; «my ladies and gentlemen, it is much better to talk with one another in Europe, to search for solutions in Europe, rather than to talk over one another, to build prejudices out of which hate can so quickly develop.» Merkel spoke of European solidarity, saying, «It’s not acceptable that some countries say we are not taking in any refugees. That is also not compatible with European solidarity.»


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