Germany: Thuringia elections 'deep crisis of trust for democracy' — SPD

The SPD maintain that the Thuringia election scandal has «fundamentally changed everything» including in democracy at a press conference in Berlin on Sunday. SPD Leader, Norbert Walter-Borjans, said it was not enough to call the incident a «belly flop,» but that instead «it has caused a very deep crisis of trust for democracy.» Saskia Esken, the other SPD leader, called the scandal «outrageous... Еще» as both leaders highlighted the 'Never Again' pact that essentially states no party should work with Nazis or fascists following the second world war. Lars Klingbeil, SPD Secretary General, said he was «smirking at how Mr Lindner is portraying himself as a victim, and supposedly had 'no idea' about what happened. We know today that it was a fixed game that took place and will occupy the republic for a long time.» FDP minister Thomas Kemmerich has resigned with immediate effect following a collaboration between right-wing AfD party to oust the Linke candidate and place him in office as Minister President of Thuringia. He has also since said he will return all the money he was set to receive due to becoming Minister-President.

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