Germany: Thousands protest against hate crime and racism in Munich

Thousands of demonstrators gathered at Munich's Max-Joseph-Platz to protest against hate crime and racially-motivated violence on Friday. Bavarian Minister President Markus Soeder joined the rally which condemned the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. «We live [at a time] ladies and gentlemen, where AfD supporters were not able to spot the difference between texts from 'Mein Kampf... Еще', according to a ZDF documentary, they were not able to identify the difference between texts from 'Mein Kampf' and on the other side the writings from [AfD party leader] Mr. [Bjorn] Hocke. And do you know why they could find no difference? Because there is no difference, ladies and gentlemen, this is the truth,» said Soeder. Members of anti-fascists groups taking part in the rally were heard chanting, trying to disrupt Soeder's speech in a protest against his CSU party. «Everybody in Bavaria, no matter what skin colour, no matter what religion, no matter what gender or life orientation must get the protection of freedom and democracy guaranteed in the same way. We make no differentiation. We tolerate no attack. We do not tolerate extremism. We condemn racism and anti-Semitism. Bavaria is a free state and must stay that way,» added Soeder.

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