Germany: Thousands protest against coronavirus measures at Munich's Theresienwise

Thousands of protesters accused the media and politicians of «spreading fear» about the current coronavirus outbreak, and demanded the measures put in place to halt the spread to be lifted while gathering on Munich's Theresienwise on Saturday. «I find it very, very bad that so much fear is being spread. [...] Employees' fear of losing their jobs only because they position themselves clearly. Fear... Еще of the sick of going to the hospital as they are scared of getting infected. Fear of the elderly, because their family would like to visit them. Fear, fear and once more fear. Why dear press? Why dear politicians are you spreading so much fear? Do you feel better afterwards,» said Protester and Real estate agent Sina Bodden. Protesters were chanting and listening to music as well as wearing inscribed T-Shirts demanding people to «wake up» and condemning social distancing regulations. «No one needs a personal fear of dying. As a doctor, I know that death belongs to life and I would like to recommend to everyone: let's all go back to normal life. Health, freedom and democracy have a lot to do with common sense. The question, whether for example kids must cover themselves with mouth masks at school on the play ground or whether cashiers must sit behind a glass pane with a mask on for eight hours is a question of common sense,» said doctor Josef Dohrenbusch, participating at the protest. Riot police were seen on the grounds but the demonstration ran smoothly. Protests have been held across Germany for the past few weeks ranging from gastronomy and travel sector workers demanding to reopen, health care workers demanding for better pay and anti-government protesters condemning the current coronavirus measures put in place and second-guessing the German government's motivation. The German economy officially entered recession on Friday, after GDP contracted by 2.2 percent quarter-on-quarter in the first three months of 2020, largely due to the effects of the coronavirus outbreak. Economic output fell 0.1 percent in the previous quarter according to revised figures. The first-quarter fall is the worst economic contraction experienced by Germany since the 2008-2009 financial crisis and the second largest quarterly decrease since German reunification.

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