Germany: Thousands of motorcyclists protest proposed Sunday riding ban in in Nuremburg

Thousands of avid motorcyclists gathered in Nuremburg on Saturday to protest a possible federal ban on noisy motorbike riding on Sundays and public holidays. The cyclists held a demonstration at the former Nazi party rally grounds, where they were joined by Bavarian Interior Minister Joachimm Hermann, before driving en masse throughout the city streets. «The noise protection interests of the population, we have to take them seriously, I clearly said that again to the bikers here today. And you don't have to let the engine roar unnecessarily on Sunday in the middle of a village,» said Hermann, adding, however, that a total Sunday ban was «completely exaggerated.» «For us it is definitely about being treated the same way as other road users, because we do nothing different. And we can’t be forbidden to go out on weekends,» said Hartmut Weber, a biker who participated in the protest. According to reports, several protests against the possible motorbikes ban have been taking across Germany since May, when several federal states in the country announced they would discuss limiting the noise made by bikes.

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