Germany: Thousands of Kurdish protesters rally against Iraqi seizure of Kirkuk

Thousands of Kurdish protesters gathered in central Cologne, Sunday, to demonstrate for an independent Kurdistan and against the recent seizure of Kirkuk by Iraqi government and allied forces. «From 1975 until now, the Kurdish people have been humiliated, their people, their children, their women, we are a peaceful people, a democratic people, a sophisticated people, but unfortunately [this is... Еще the case]. Kirkuk will remain Kurdish and all the land that was freed by the Peshmerga, long live the Peshmerga, we are with them, the heroes that sacrificed their blood for Kurdistan,” said one demonstrator, Khaled. The protest comes after Iraqi government troops with the help of Shiite militias captured oil-rich Kirkuk, driving out the Peshmerga and consolidating their positions close to the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, Erbil.

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