Germany: This town votes almost identically to Germany as a whole

Bruno Rauth, residents (German): «I am not quite sure if they get along with the SPD this time though.» Residents of Kirchheimbolanden commented on the upcoming federal elections on Saturday. According to a study of the past four German federal elections the town's results have been almost the same as votes on a federal level. The town has therefore been referred to as the 'average' German... Еще town, at least in voting terms. Located in Rhineland-Palinate, it has a population of 7,815, and has all the features of a typical German town including a medieval city wall, city palace and beer festival. One local, Ulrike Muller, stated that she was suprised her town reflects recent voting tendencies in the German federal elections, stating, «I see many, very intense political activities here which are well above the federal average. That’s why I was surprised that we are exactly in line [with the average in Germany].» The study was commissioned by, which discovered the town deviated the least from the results of the federal elections for the major parties over the past four elections.

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