Germany: 'This is still the calm before the storm'- Health Min Spahn on coronavirus

The current situation with the coronavirus in Germany is «still the calm before the storm,» warned German Health Minister Jens Spahn at a government press conference in Berlin on Thursday. Spahn commented on the big «effort to double the intensive care capacities in Germany» by the 16 federal states, adding that «No one can say for sure what will happen in the next weeks.» The health minister... Еще also commented on Germany's position relative to other countries saying that the country carried out «between 300,000 and 500,000 tests,» which he added was «most likely the highest amount of tests of a country worldwide.'' Spahn also compared the fluctuating price of much needed masks to the gold market, as he explained «it's a highly competitive market at the moment,» but said that the government is «optimistic that we bring things step by step in a better direction with other approaches and new partners.» Spahn was joined by Professor Doctor Susanne Herold, Head of the Infectiology department of the University Hospital in Giessen. «We were lucky enough, that we had a very long period of preparation and were able to set everything in motion,» she pointed out. According to the latest figures compiled from global reports by Johns Hopkins University, at least 510,100 people have been infected by COVID-19 worldwide and over 22,200 people have died. There are 41,3159 cases confirmed in Germany with at least 239 fatalities as of Thursday.

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