Germany: 'There is no end to remembering' — Steinmeier during Liberation Day ceremony

A wreath-laying ceremony was held to commemorate German Liberation day and mark 75th anniversary of end of WWII in Berlin on Friday, with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and German Chancellor Angela Merkel taking part. «8 May 1945 was the end of the national socialist rule of violence, the end of bombing nights and marches of death, the end of unprecedented German crimes and of the break... Еще of civilization of the Shoah. Here in Berlin, where the war of annihilation was conceived and unleashed, and where it returned with all the force of destruction, here in Berlin we wanted to remember together today,» said Steinmeier. Brandenburg's Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke and the President of the Federal Constitutional Court Andreas Vosskuhle and Bundestag President Wolfgang Schaeuble joint the ceremony too, but it remained a small function due to the current coronavirus outbreak. To mark the anniversary of the end of national socialism the German city state of Berlin specifically decided to declare May 8 as a one-off public holiday. «There is no end to remembering, there is no salvation from our history because without memory we lose our future [...]. Germany's history is a broken history, with the responsibility of millionfold murder and millionfold suffering. This break our heart until today, this is why this country can only be loved with a broken heart. Who cannot bear this, who demands an endline is not only repressing the catastrophe of war and Nazi dictatorship but also devalues all the good we achieved since then,» Steinmeier added. On May 8, 1945, the Allies accepted Nazi Germany's surrender and VE Day was observed on the same day in Great Britain, the rest of Western Europe, the United States and Australia, and on May 9 in the Soviet Union and New Zealand.


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