Germany: Theatre premiers 'Mein Kampf' play on Hitler's birthday

Journalist (German): «Why?» SOT, Andreas Osner, Mayor of Konstanz (German): «You don't present a play dealing with Adolf Hitler on Adolf Hitler's birthday, literally luring people with right-wing tendencies into the theatre saying 'Come here and see that.' I find this is very difficult.» A theatre in the southern German city of Konstanz premiered a satirical theatrical adaptation of Hitler's... Еще book 'Mein Kampf' on Friday. The production premiered on April 20, the day of Hitler's birthday. Originally, the play's creators intended for audience members willing to wear a swastika (provided by the theater) during the performance to get in for free. Those who preferred to pay full price were to be asked to wear the Star of David. However the arrangement was dropped last-minute, a representative of the theatre confirmed, after the idea sparked a public debate on whether it is acceptable for the arts to portray the Nazis and their victims in such a way. According to the producers of the play, the concept was designed to bring about fresh conversations on the dangers of fascism. The Mayor of Konstanz was unimpressed with the idea behind the play, saying «It is one of the biggest irreverences and one of the fiercest crossing of lines and crudities which I have encountered in my time as the cultural mayor of this city.» Others, however, agreed that the theatre was the right place to explore these themes and start a dialogue. «I think the theatre definitely should play this role and is the right place to initiate such debates,» said one visitor named Imari Thoemess. «Me personally I wouldn't have done it. But again, I think that free art in a free country should be able to handle it,» said another audience member named Jochen Reile.

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