Germany: The BEAR necessities! Newborn polar bear drinks milk from mum's teat

A six-day old polar bear was spotted drinking from its mother's teat, in a tender moment captured in Berlin's Tierpark zoo on Tuesday. Footage shows the cub, whose gender is still unknown, breastfeeding, while its mother licks and nurtures its offspring. The zookeepers have not entered the bear cage, but they have installed a camera so they can keep a close eye on the baby's development... Еще. Officials have welcomed the birth of the new cub, but warned that it is too early to celebrate, as the mortality rate for polar bears is 50 percent and the first ten days are particularly risky. Last year at Tierpark, mother bear Tonja and her mating partner Volodya lost a cub, Fritz, who died prematurely of liver inflammation at the age of four months in March.

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