Germany: Terror attack foiled, 19 year old suspect arrested in Schwerin

A 19-year-old Syrian man was arrested on Tuesday morning in the German city of Schwerin, on suspicion of planning a terror attack. The operation was executed by Special Forces of the German Federal Police. According to police, three apartments were searched in close proximity to one another during the raid. According to the Federal Prosecutor General's Office, the accused, Yamen A., was... Еще suspected of having “planned and concretely prepared an Islamist-motivated attack with explosives in Germany.” However, evidence of the accused being a member of a terrorist organisation is yet to be uncovered. The Federal Prosecutor General’s Office stated that Yamen A. had a plot to detonate an explosive device “to kill and injure as many people as possible.» It remains unclear whether the accused had already envisaged a specific target for his bomb attack.

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