Germany: Tensions mar Frankfurt Book Fair as Identitarians present new book

SOT, Attendee (German): «But is this ideology, is this hate, curable?» SOT, Mario Muller, Identiarian Movement supporter (German): «This hate is in my view only curable in a few because with many it is not curable and with these left-wingers who meet me with such hate I don't want to talk to, it's not useful and you can waste a lifetime talking to these people.» Tensions were high when leaders... Еще of the right-wing Identitarian Movement were picketed by left-wing counter-protesters while giving presentations on their new book 'Identitares Paket' at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Saturday. The book is being published by the far-right Antaios publishing house, who participated in the book fair for the first time. Authors of the book Mario Muller and Martin Sellner both gave presentations at the event. However the speakers strained to have their voices heard above the noise of the counter-protesters. Muller said he would have feared for his life during a previous public appearance if there had not been a police presence there, and condemned the «ideology» of that which is referred to as «the left». Counter-protesters held signs reading «You are Nazis, full stop», and «Still loving books, still not loving hate» amongst others.

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