Germany: Syria to join Paris climate agreement

The Syrian delegation at the COP23 climate change summit announced in Bonn on Tuesday that Syria will be joining the Paris Climate Change Agreement of 2015. «I affirm that the Syrian Arab Republic backs the implementation of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, which would help achieve global goals and represents the ideals of equality and shared responsibility, but at the same time acknowledges... Еще the differences in capabilities of each of the participating nations,» Syria's deputy minister of local administration and environment said. He stressed that developed nations «should fulfill their legal and humanitarian commitments towards developing nations, by providing technical and financial support and applying adaptive policies.» Syria's move to join the landmark Paris agreement leaves the United States as the sole country to not be in support of it, after US President Donald Trump announced intentions to withdraw from the agreement in June. The COP23 summit takes place under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and is set to last until 17 November.

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