Germany: Syria is 'safe' — AfD to refugees after visit to war-torn country

Syria can be classified as «a safe country of origin» for people seeking refuge in Germany, stated German far-right AfD politicians at a press conference in Berlin on Monday, after returning from a trip to Syria. «Our NATO ally USA are about to categorise Syria as a safe country of origin. Our experiences we have gained during our Syria journey are congruent with this assessment,» said AfD... Еще politician Christian Blix, adding: «We have the impression however that these talks are not wanted by the chancellor in order not to jeopardise the status quo regarding the refugee policy.» A group of seven AfD parliamentarians travelled to Syria to get as they claimed an understanding of the humanitarian situation on the ground. Besides Damascus, they reportedly visited Homs and Aleppo and met with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallim and the Minister for National Reconciliation Ali Haidar. Sharing their impressions of the trip, the AfD representatives reiterated that half a million Syrian refugees currently living in Germany should be sent back. «We have not seen any signs that would indicate something different than that the return of the Syrian refugees of any faith is being desperately awaited,» Blix pointed out.

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