Germany: Suspect in murder of late President Weizsaecker’s son 'mentally ill' — prosecutor

The suspect in the murder of prominent physician Dr Fritz von Weizsaecker, son of late German President Richard von Weizsaecker, has been found to be mentally ill, a spokesperson for the Berlin Public Prosecutor's Office said on Thursday in Berlin. «We can say that the act came out of a probably delusional general rejection of the family of the victim, that is to say this delusional general... Еще rejection against the family. In addition, it has to be said that the accused was questioned in detail on the evening of the act and gave detailed information on the motive, the sequence [of events], and what happened previously,» said Martin Steltner, spokesperson for the Berlin Public Prosecutor's Office. Authorities have not named the 57-year-old suspect, who is said to have found information on the victim's schedule online, before allegedly buying a knife, travelling to Berlin from Rhineland by train and attacking Weizsaecker while he was giving a lecture at Schlosspark Clinic in Berlin on Tuesday. The suspect was finally overpowered by an off-duty police officer who was attending the lecture and was «potentially lethally injured» in the process. Prosecutors have asked for the man to be accommodated in a psychiatric ward rather than being jailed, Steltner said. An investigation is underway to determine how the prosecution will proceed with the case and wager how likely a conviction would be due to his mental state. Dr Weizsaecker was one of four children of Richard von Weizsaecker, a member of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), who served as Governing Mayor of West Berlin from 1981 to 1984 and then as President of Germany from 1984 to 1994 (West Germany 1984-1990; reunified Germany 1990-1994.)

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