Germany: Stuttgart residents react to overnight riots and looting

Stuttgart residents reacted with sad feelings to overnight riots which left several police officers injured and storefronts destroyed. «In the late hours of yesterday, we saw a lot of people who rioted and robbed stores,» said one of the residents on Sunday. She added, «I simply don't understand why people are doing this. Maybe because of the whole coronavirus crisis people are just desperate and want to release anger.» Mr Brussam, who is a manager at a mobile store which was looted overnight, admitted that the whole situation left him «speechless.» «We have to wait a bit to know why and what for (this happened). It is very sad what happened. It must have happened a lot here during the night,» he said. Another resident, however, said that the groups of people participated in the overnight riots and clashes were seen gathering in one of the city's park a couple of weeks ago. He added, «In my opinion, police and politicians have been acting too weak.» Several police officers were injured in riots that lasted several hours. People were throwing stones, resulting in damaged police vehicles and broken shop windows, as well as looting. The situation was under control around 3 a.m. local time. Police have not made a statement yet about the nature of the unrest.

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