Germany: Students rally in Offenbach as their Afghan classmates face deportation

Scores of people took to the streets of Offenbach am Main, Tuesday, to protest against the deportation of 70 Afghani pupils. The demonstrators marched through the streets carrying banners reading «No brick wall in Europe — for everyone and forever» and «Life cannot be negotiated.» One activist, who attended the rally, said that the demonstrators «are protesting against the deportation of our... Еще classmates,» because she said «it is inhumane to deport people back to Afghanistan.» She argued that Afghanistan remains «an unsafe country,» where people die «daily» and where the Taliban «dominate.» The pupils facing deportation were seen marching alongside their classmates. The pupils painted their faces to look like skulls in a bid to demonstrate the life-threatening peril they may face should they be deported to Afghanistan. The march was reportedly peaceful, and no incidents of violence were reported.
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