Germany: Students at Hamburg U. respond to university's new religious code of conduct

Students at Hamburg University gave their opinions, on Monday evening, on the institution's new religious code of conduct that includes giving educators permission to decide whether Muslim female students can wear full-face coverings in classes. Several students stressed their belief that religious clothing or symbols should not be banned. One student said, «For the religion to which one... Еще belongs, one should be able to practice it, in one's day to day life, regardless of who you are. And that should be independent of what religion it is. And it should also be independent of how much one has to do in order to practice their religion.» Janet, a Geography student, pointed out that the German constitution permits people of every religion to practice their beliefs. «In the Basic Law it states that religious freedom is permitted and I actually think that this statement is clearly for everyone. And this shouldn't be in doubt,» she said. A Muslim student, Akbar, said he was glad to live in Germany where he could freely practice his religion, and that, so long as it doesn't impede on someone else, everyone should be allowed to wear what they like. He said, «When it affects someone else, then I don't like it. But when it's something about the attire, I'd say that if someone stood naked in front of me, I wouldn't like that but if they want to be naked and they're standing in front of me, it doesn't matter to me.»

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