Germany: Storm Burglind causes chaos after ripping through Bavaria

Journalist (German): «Is this the worst storm you have seen in town?» Merkendorf resident (German): “Something like today, I have not experienced.» Journalist (German): «And you never saw this before?» Merkendorf resident (German): “I have lived here forever. At least I can say it was a very strong storm.» Severe disruption was caused in the area around Nuremburg in Bavaria after Storm... Еще Burglind swept through Franconia on Wednesday. The storm left several buildings damaged and caused chaos as roads were blocked with debris. Affected areas include Merkendorf, Willendorf and Erlangen in northern Bavaria. “We have a power pole which is broken, then we had damage on the railway line, then we had a mission with a tree on a roof and then we had a cellar under water,” explained Deputy Commander of the Merkendorf Fire Department, Patrick Noll. In the town of Muhlhausen, the storm tore the roof off a supermarket and the debris was blown into a gas tank. “Fortunately, it was not damaged,” explained the spokesperson for the Erlangen-Hochstadt Fire brigade, Stefan Brunner. “Something like today, I have not experienced,” said one Merkendorf resident. Burglind is currently passing through Germany at speeds of up to 120km/h (75mph), with swathes of the south expected to be hit.

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