Germany: Steinmeier holds New Year's reception at Berlin's Bellevue Palace

President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier held the traditional New Year reception, in Berlin’s Bellevue Palace, on Tuesday, where he offered his well-wishes to politicians, officials and citizens who have made contributions to German society. With ongoing negotiations to build a Grand Coalition, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as members of her cabinet and opposition parties, all... Еще broke away from the talks to take part in Steinmeier's reception. Accompanied by his wife, Elke Buedenbender, Steinmeier thanked the attendees for their civic work throughout Germany. Some of those received by the German President included: the leader of 'Rueckenwind', an organisation that supports the relatives of inmates; a translator for refugees and an organiser of events for the anniversary of the Reformation. This is the first New Year reception of Steinmeier’s presidency. As well as the presidential event, New Year's receptions are traditionally held across Germany by local officials, parties and companies. Formerly held by the German royalty, the tradition has been continued on a national level with the annual presidential reception.

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