Germany: Starbucks shooting reports yet to be confirmed, says Berlin Police

Berlin Police announced that reports of a shooting at a Starbucks cafe near Checkpoint Charlie could not be confirmed as of yet, as law enforcers and firefighters cordoned off the area in the Friedrichstadt neighbourhood of Central Berlin, on Monday. Footage shows armed officers in front of the Starbucks coffee shop at the corner of Friedrichstrasse and Kochstrasse. «At noon witnesses alerted... Еще the police of a suspected robbery at a Starbucks branch. According to them, the suspect had used a fire gun,» a police spokesperson said. «It could not be confirmed to this moment that this was an attempted robbery.» «Special units are inspecting a house here nearby that is thought to be the residence place of the suspect,» the police spokesperson continued. «So far, we could not find the person there and no gun. We can also not confirm the versions of a shooting, simply because we couldn’t find any shot holes at the place where there was supposed to have happened.» Footage also shows passersby standing behind the cordoned off area. Berlin Police tweeted that they have the «situation under control.»

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