Germany: 'Standard procedure' to review parental background says govt. spox of Stuttgart riot probe

German Interior Ministry spokesperson Steve Alter commented on the reported use by the Stuttgart police of parental background checks into suspected rioters, at the weekly government press conference in Berlin on Monday. In the night from June 20 to 21 this year, hundreds of people clashed with the police, and rioted and looted businesses in Stuttgart’s city centre reportedly after random drug searches. German Interior Ministry spokesperson Steve Alter explained the standard procedure when it comes to investigating minors. «When we look at criminal developments phenomenologically, it is the standard procedure to look from different perspectives about how something was able to happen. Many aspects are part of this, for example, if someone has experience with domestic violence or if someone has a rather higher or lower educational background or a higher or lower income. And of course, the question is included if someone has a migrant background or not.» Regarding the topic of a migration background, Alter said, «(for) serious crimes against the public order, we talk about breach of the peace and serious breach of the peace, here I can imagine — without knowing the investigations of the Stuttgart police in detail — that it matters, if such crimes take place based on good integration as well as a good connection to society, or if such a societal connection wasn't able to be established because someone has just been in the country for a few days or a few weeks.'' However, it is not clear if the Stuttgart police only investigated the family backgrounds of minors in the wake of the riots. Separately, Steffen Seibert, a German government spokesperson, stated on racism and police brutality, “of course, we have racism here in our country, in Germany, we have to deal with this politically as well as societally, and that this is a pending task for all of us to be solved.''

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