Germany: Stalin's statue arrives at former prison for exhibition

A huge statue of former leader of the USSR Joseph Stalin was transported to the Former Berlin-Hohenschoenhausen Prison, Berlin, on Tuesday, to feature in an exhibition titled, 'The Red God — Stalin and the Germans'. The statue is to figure prominently in the exhibition, that focuses upon the so-called 'cult of Stalin' in the early years of the German Democratic Republic. Director of the... Еще Hohenschoenhausen memorial, and former prison, Hubertus Knabe, said that Stalin was never loved in the GDR, but still lives in the memories of former East Germans. «The cult of Stalin was actually never really accepted by the population,» Knabe explained, «But he had influenced elements, such as the youth organisations, the party, companies, these cult enterprises everywhere, and of course many older people still remember this time — which thankfully has come to an end.» The Hohenschoenhausen memorial that houses the exhibition is situated on the former prison, used as the main remand centre of the East German Ministry of State Security (more commonly known as 'Stasi') between 1951 and 1989.

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