Germany: SPD won't take any 'lectures' — Schulz ahead of coalition talks

The SPD will help to end the current political impasse in Germany, but it will not allow other parties to instruct them on how to do that, said the leader of Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) Martin Schulz during his final speech at an SPD party convention in Berlin, Saturday. Speaking about coming coalition talks with the CDU/CSU partnership, he added «we don't have to govern at any price, but... Еще we equally should not avoid governing at any price.» In retaliation to Christian Social Union (CSU) party chairman Alexander Dobrindt, who accused the SPD of «sulking» since its historically bad election result, Schulz said «we have not been sulking in a corner. You have made a mess of everything. And this is the difference between you and us.»

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