Germany: SPD supporters horrified by right-wing radicals AfD results

Supporters of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) reacted with a mixture of shock and dissapointment after the party polled at 20 percent in the German federal election, Sunday, while Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) managed a historic high of 13 percent. The result sees the Martin Schultz's SPD return their worst results in 100 years, while AfD managed to enter parliament for the first time in... Еще its history. «I'd just like to say that that I'm horrified by how many people voted for the AfD, it's the first time in 70 years that right-wing radicals have got into parliament. All democratic parties should think long and hard about that haven't done or what they did badly which made this possible,» said SPD supporter Thomas Schliesser. «I welcome what Comrade Schultz said, that we are going to be the opposition and we must reflect on what we can do to rectify this situation,» he continued.

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