Germany: SPD’s Kahrs slams ‘sad’ AfD, causes Bundestag walkout

SOT, Johannes Kahrs, German Bundestag Member (German): «From who? From right-wing radicals I don't need any, thanks. So that means when you look at the result, yeah, how is it with those concerned? That's what one notices, right-wing radicals can divide, they can hate, they can appeal to hatred, and when they are addressed in the same way, they react exactly like this, because they know it's right... Еще. Look in the mirror, then you will see what led this republic to misery in the 20s and 30s. *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* AfD Members of the German Bundestag stormed out of the plenary hall after SPD politician Johannes Kahrs took to the podium and condemned the AfD in Berlin on Wednesday. «Aside from stupid sayings, they have no content, no solutions, it is embarrassing, it is not civil. One just has to look at these sad ones here to know that there are no solutions to expect from them, but rather only division, hatred, and everything that belongs to them. Hate makes ugly, look in the mirror,» Kahrs said. «they fight for the rich, they fight against the pensioners, they fight against everything which holds this country together,» he continued, and added «they are not patriots, they are people who divide our social, strong, and safe state, and do not bring it forward.» AfD members began to walk out as Kahrs continued his speech, and returned only after he had finished. Vice President of the Bundestag Hans-Peter Friedrich admonished Kahrs, saying «I do not think it is expedient when we bring such aggressiveness into this high house.»

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