Germany: SPD-CDU coalition imminent after 82% cast 'yes' vote

SPD delegates took a huge step towards the 'Grand Coalition’ with the CDU on Thursday in Berlin, after voting in favour of entering talks for the parties to enter government together. A final count of 81.94 percent of the parties delegates voted 'yes', paving the way for their talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on forming a new government. Party Leader Martin Schulz said, «On March 19... Еще you supported me 100 percent. This was a beautiful moment, but difficult times came afterwards. Now you are supporting me 81.94 percent, I hope, that based on this result, better times lie ahead, comrades.» After the election, the SPD announced that they would be going into opposition. But following the so-called Jamaica coalition talks' collapse, the SPD is now in place to form 'the Grand Coalition' government.

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